Please take a minute to compare all of our AlumiGlo LED Dock Lights in order to purchase the best light suited for your needs. With the comparison chart, we make it simple to compare important information such as Lumens, Watts, Amps and if the light is for “Above Water” or “Underwater” use.

Above Water Dock Lights


DockPro 3500

Dock Light DockPro 3500 2

Color Lumens Wattage Amps
Green/Blue/White 3,500 lm 44w 0.36a

DockPro 16000
alumiglo dock light dockpro 16000 1 glow

Color Lumens Wattage Amps
Green/White/Blue 16,000 lm 150w 1.25a


DockPro 26000

alumiglo dockpro 250 F 1

Color Lumens Wattage Amps
Green 26,000 lm 250w 2.08a


Underwater Dock Lights


SuperBrite 4800-Dock

4800 Dock V W glow a

Color Lumens Wattage Amps
Green 4,800 lm 50w 4.1a

SuperBrite 8000-X2-Dock

alumiglo superbright x2 led dock light W

Color Lumens Wattage Amps
Green Light 3834 lm 65w 5.2a
White Light 4072 lm 45.3w 3.7a
Green+White Combined 7907 lm 110.3w 9.1a


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