Since March 18th, 2021, PVC prices have increased up to 50% which has forced us to stop production on many of our Flounder Lights which use PVC.

For those of you who have DIY skills we will continue to offer our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 4400-X2 (40W Dual Color COBs) and Accessories needed to build your own FlounderPro 13,000-X2 using PVC parts purchased locally.  We will also continue to offer our FlounderPro 13,000-X2 Light Head Assembly which comes with everything but the vertical shaft and Mounting Bracket which you can have made at your local machine shop.

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How to Build Your Light Setup

Hands down, our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 4400-X2 (40W Dual Color COBs) are our most popular lights for flounder gigging and bully-netting.  These small compact lights produce more overall lumens for the money and can be easily mounted to fit any size or type of boat.  The lights utilize a watertight anodized aluminum housing which into a 1.25” Schedule 40 female fitting.  Their small size allows them to be mounted and aimed in any direction using different PVC fittings. Having the ability to simply aim the small light at different angles allows you to illuminate the water from the left front corner to the right front corner of the boat while only using a few lights.  Since the light uses a single 40W – Dual Color LED, you don’t have to worry about solder joints vibrating loose and multiple LEDs going out over time. These lights are for below water use only!





If using your own power-cord, we recommend using 16-gauge wire when coupling (3) lights together. Due to amperage overload, we do not recommend using more than (3) lights with one power-cord. For more information see our Wire Gauge Chart


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