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Take Your Shrimping to the Next Level With AlumiGlo’s Underwater Shrimp Lights

If you’re a year-round Florida shrimper it’s important to invest in durable shrimp lights that will not only work effectively in all types of weather, but that can also withstand consistent usage throughout the year. The AlumiGlo SuperBrite series meets this demand.

Our LED shrimp lights are fully submersible and feature a unique four-sided design that emits 360 degrees of bright white or green light (or both), which eliminates dead spots in the water and improves your results.

Planning an all-nighter? No problem. These LED lights have a low amp draw and can be easily powered with any 12VDC deep cycle battery - giving you more than enough power to shrimp through the night./p>

Internally weighted, AlumiGlo shrimping lights will sink to your desired depth to light the water from the bottom up. If you're looking for a balance between size, brightness, and cost, we recommend checking out our best-selling fishing light - the 14” SuperBrite 4800 LED shrimp light, which uses 192 high-intensity LEDs to emit nearly 4,800 lumens of vibrant green light.

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