Flounder Lights

Catch more flounder with AlumiGlo high-intensity LED flounder lights.



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First-In-Class LED Lights for Flounder Gigging

AlumiGlo offers a dynamic line of LED flounder lights that can be used for a wide variety of applications both above and below the water.

Our high-intensity LED gigging lights feature aluminum and powder-coated housings, meaning they will not rust or corrode in even the harshest saltwater environments. They also use 5000k white light, making them effective in both clear and murky water. And don’t forget - with LEDs, you’ll never have to worry about bulbs that are broken or burned out!

For custom rigs/setups we offer the FlounderPRO 2850 (30W COB), which is constructed from high-grade anodized aluminum, and can be easily mounted to any style of boat using a PVC adapter. Take a look at our flounder light image gallery below to see real-world applications that AlumiGlo customers have created over the years.

If you’re looking for a gigging light that is easy to use for the whole family, we recommend our FlounderPro 2000 - a lightweight handheld gigging light that is great for kids and less experienced flounder-giggers.

Whether you’re on the Florida gulf or the North Carolina shore, AlumiGlo flounder lights are your ticket to catching more flounder!


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