Flounder Lights

Catch more flounder with AlumiGlo high-intensity LED flounder lights.



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First-In-Class LED Lights for Flounder Gigging

AlumiGlo offers a dynamic line of LED flounder lights that can be used for a wide variety of applications both above and below the water.

Our high-intensity LED gigging lights feature aluminum and powder-coated housings, meaning they will not rust or corrode in even the harshest saltwater environments. Our bestselling FlounderPRO 2850 (30W COB), comes in either 5000K or 3000K color temperatures for all water conditions. DIY enthusiasts love this light because you can custom make your own rigs using as many lights as you want.

If you’re looking for a lightweight Handheld Gigging Light, we recommend our AlumiGlo Handheld Light and Wiring Kit - which gives you everything you need to build a lightweight handheld gigging light that is the perfect light for kids and adults. The kit comes with everything you need except the vertical 3/4" PVC shaft which you can cut to the length that best fits you.

If you’re looking for a Boat Mounted Rig that is easy to make, we recommend our FlounderPro 90-Light & Wiring Kit which allows you to build our own 90W- 8550 lumen gigging light using our easy to follow directions -  How to Build a 90W Light Rig


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