Please take a minute to compare all of our AlumiGlo LED fishing lights in order to purchase the best light suited for your needs. With the comparison chart, we make it simple to compare important information such as lumens, watts, and run time for our 12VDC lights.

*Run Time is based using a standard Group 27 12VDC deep cycle battery rated at 100 amp hours.

For more information on Run Time, please click HERE.

Green LED Fishing Lights

SuperBrite 4800-C

ColorLumensWattageAmpsRun Time
Green Light4800 lm50w4.1a24hrs

Dual Color LED Fishing Lights

SuperBrite 2500-X2

ColorLumensWattageAmpsRun Time
Green Light1110 lm27.9w2.3a40hrs
White Light1302 lm26.5w2.1a47hrs
Green+White Combined2412 lm54.5w4.4a22hrs

SuperBrite 8000-X2

ColorLumensWattageAmpsRun Time
Green Light3834 lm65w5.2a18.5hrs
White Light4072 lm45.3w3.7a27hrs
Green+White Combined7907 lm110.3w9.1a11hrs

SuperBrite 9000-X2

ColorLumensWattageAmpsRun Time
Green Light3909 lm61.7w5.1a19.6hrs
White Light5083 lm62.3w5.1a19.6hrs
Green+White Combined8992 lm124w10.27a9.7hrs

Halogen Fishing Lights

AquaStar Combo II – Halogen

ColorLumensWattageAmpsRun Time
Green Light1200 lm100w8.3a12hrs
White Light1900 lm100w8.3a12hrs


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