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AlumiGlo LED Dock Lights not only produce more overall lumens per watt than incandescent lights, they also require much less power to operate. (Average cost for a DockPro 3500 is $0.71 per month) See below for more information.

We occasionally receive calls asking us how much electricity a particular dock light uses and how much their utility bill would increase during a months time.  Since a number of variances come into play when calculating the actual cost, we decided it would be helpful to write a short blog about the subject. Hopefully, the below information and formula will help.

In order to find how much it costs to run any type of light or appliance you need to know the following:
  1. How much your electric company is charging you per kWh (can be found on your electric bill)
  2. The Wattage of the light.
  3. How many hours per day you will be using the light.

The formula found below can be used to calculate the cost to run any 120VAC light or appliance as long as you know the wattage of the light.  Use the wattage’s shown below for your calculations.

DockPro 4500-X3     48-Watts

alumiglo dockpro 4500 x3 w remote


DockPro 16000   150-Watts

alumiglo bow fishing light GTX 16000 2 glow


DockPro 26000   250-Watts

alumiglo dockpro 250 F 1

Calculate Cost by following these steps:

  1. Multiply the Wattage of the light by the total number of Hours used each day.
  2. Divide the result by 1000.
  3. Multiply your answer by the number of Days you are measuring.
  4. Multiply by the Cost of Electricity per kWh (can be found on your electric bill)

For the use of this example, we will use our cost which is .09 per kWh

Example:  For this example we will use the DockPro 3500 which pulls 44-watts which will run 6 hours per day for 30 days.

44-watts x 6 hours = 264-watts per day.

264-watts / 1000 = 0.264 kWh

0.264 kWh x 30 days = 7.92 kWh per month.

7.92 kWh x .09 kWh cost = $0.71 per month to operate.

$0.71 x 12 = $8.52 per year to operate the DockPro 3500.


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