Using FlounderPro 4400-X2 Dual Color lights with 1-Color FlounderPro 2850 lights

“Hello.  I have been running 5 FlounderPro 2850 – 5000K lights on my boat for a long time.  They are all powered from the same source through a single switch.  If I upgrade to the FlounderPro 4400, how do I keep them all on white light at the same time? Your website seems to say they will all switch colors every time they are energized”

While the new FlounderPro 4400-X2 lights are Dual Color they will stay on the last color used each time they are powered up.

In order to change the color of the lights, you turn the power off and then right back on again (Turn OFF one second- and then Turn ON).  If the light is running at 5000K and you turn it off for more than a couple seconds, it will always come back on again at 5000K.  They use the same type of switch in many motion detector flood lights.  If you turn the light off and right back on again, the light will stay on continuously, bypassing the motion detector until it is turned back off and on again.

If you are currently using multiple FlounderPro 2850 – 5000K lights and want to use the new FlounderPro 4400-X2 lights in conjunction with the single-color lights do the following:

  1. Attach the new FlounderPro 4400-X2 to any 12VDC battery and make sure it comes on at 5000K (all lights are set to come on at 5000K initially). If the light comes on at 3000K, unhook the power and turn it right back on again which will switch it to 5000K.

  2. Turn the power off to the light.

  3. Now the new light is set at 5000K and you can use it in series with your single-color FlounderPro 2850 lights.

  4. The new light will continue to come on at 5000K color each time you use the lights as long as you do not turn the lights off and then right back on again.  If the light does change from 5000K to 3000K all you have to do is turn the power off and right back on again, and all lights will be 5000K again.

We realize this will take some getting used too, but it is the only way to make an underwater two-color light which cannot have an external switch.  While 5000K is by far the most popular color, many times 3000K color will allow you to see better in murky water, so having the ability to switch color can be advantageous.  Even adding one or two 3000K lights which run in conjunction with your 5000K lights can make a big difference in visibility at times.

Please watch the below VIDEO for more information.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and feel free to give us call at 785-621-2646.


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