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Light up your pier or dock like never before with the help of high-intensity LED dock lights from AlumiGlo.



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LED Dock Lights That Are Bright, Safe, and Energy Efficient

AlumiGlo is your trusted source for above water and underwater LED lights for docks and piers! With lights ranging from 3,500 lumens to over 26,000 lumens, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect light for your dock.

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater environments, AlumiGlo LED dock lights provide an unmatched combination of brightness, energy efficiency, and safety that adds unique value to your time on or near the water.

For those who prefer above water marine dock lights, our DockPro 3500, DockPro 4500-X3, DockPro 5500-X3,  DockPro 16000, and DockPro 26000 models have become increasingly popular in recent years. Their minimal maintenance requirements have helped make them the preferred choice of dock builders and electrical contractors throughout the Gulf Coast states. Above water dock lights are capable of attracting just as many fish as underwater lights, and they also deliver a vibrant flood of light to areas above the water which provides a unique ambiance to your dock or pier.

Underwater lights are impossible to keep running for extended periods of time due to barnacles, fishhooks, fisherman, and boats. The electrical contractors we do business with now only install above water lights, so have discontinued manufacturing and selling underwater dock lights. We realize there are still many people who enjoy using and looking at underwater lights, but they are impossible to keep running for an extended period of time in areas that have heavy populations of barnacles.  There are a lot of companies that make underwater lights which you can find by doing a Google search for underwater dock lights.

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