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Our Underwater Fishing Lights Outshine, Outcatch, and Outlast the Others

We created our first underwater fishing light in 1981, and have spent the last four decades perfecting our fishing light designs to make them brighter, safer, and more energy efficient than other lights on the market.

AlumiGlo’s latest line of LED fishing lights - the SuperBrite 4800-C (Green) and the SuperBrite-X2 (Dual-Color) series, are all-aluminum construction, with each featuring a patented four-sided design that provides 360 degrees of vibrant light.

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater applications, our fishing lights are internally weighted, and are available in multiple lengths - including the 12” SuperBrite 2500-X2, 24” SuperBrite 8000-X2, and 48" SuperBrite 9000-X2 to give you consistent effectiveness in varying depths of water.

Our Dual-Color SuperBrite X-2 lights give you the ability to fish with either white light, green light, or both white and green light simultaneously, giving you added flexibility depending on your unique fishing conditions.  If you prefer using Green light only, then our 14" SuperBrite 4800-C would be the best option for you.  The SuperBrite 4800-C produces 4800 lumens of Green light which is more than any other light we sell.  Compare Lights

Whether you’re night fishing for crappie in Kansas, squidding on the Pacific coast, or snook fishing on the Florida coast, use AlumiGlo underwater LED fishing lights to bring in a bigger catch!

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