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250W, Above Water Dock Light 26,000 Lumens

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AlumiGlo DockPro 26,000 – LED Dock Light and Pier Light

The DockPro 26,000 LED Dock Light by AlumiGlo is currently our brightest GREEN LED Dock Light available boasting 26,250 lumens of Green Light.. The DockPro 26,000 uses (360) High Intensity LEDs. Our powder coated aluminum design is built to withstand all outdoor elements. The DockPro 26,000 is an is an LED FLOOD Light which uses a 120-degree Beam Angle and is designed to illuminate a wide area of water. The light comes with a built-in10KA, Voltage Surge Protector which protects the light from lightning and local power-surges. The DockPro 26,000 can be plugged into any photocell timer or wired directly to an existing switch. Our above water dock and pier lights are the preferred lights by dock builders and electrical contractors because they eliminate the need for constant maintenance which underwater lights require. Above Water Use Only!

Highlights for Our 250-watt, 120° LED Dock and Pier Light


Additional information

Shipping Weight 336 oz
Shipping Dimensions 26 × 18 × 5 in
Above Water / Underwater

Above Water



Beam Angle


Connection Type

3-Prong AC Plug

Operating Voltage






IP Rating

IP 66

Lumens Rating


LED Type

(210 ) 3030 LEDs

Product Dimensions

19" x 14" x 2.75"

Product Weight

18 lbs

Wire Length / Input

25 ft. Power-Cord w/ 120VAC Plug

Power Consumption

250-Watts, 2.08 amps @ 120VAC


1 Year Limited

Bulbs Included


Light Color Options

Green, White

5 reviews for DockPro 26,000 -120-degree Green Dock Light

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Customer Images

Image #1 from glen broadway
Image #2 from glen broadway
Image #1 from glen broadway

glen broadway

This light is amazing! Plenty of glo.

Image #2 from glen broadway

glen broadway

This light is amazing! Plenty of glo.

Image #1 from glen broadway
Image #2 from glen broadway
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  1. Great product, communication with company are great you tell them what your looking for and they will help you with the right light.

  2. Good quality light. This unfortunately comes nowhere near the brightness of the green halide stadium lights. This provides more of a flood light effect rather than an intense beam of light that most stadium lights that are present along fishing docks. You’ll attract baitfish along the dock but you aren’t getting light far out enough to reflect off of your lure when casting far out.

    • Christopher,

      Thank you for your purchase and feedback. The DockPro 26,000 is a “Floodlight” which uses a 120° reflector and is designed to flood the top of the water with a wider pattern of light than many of the stadium lights which use a 30° to 60° lenses and reflectors which produce a much tighter pattern of light. A narrower beam angle does give you a more intense “spot” on the water but does not illuminate as much water. The lower you mount the light to the water’s surface, the tighter the pattern will be on top of the water. It is always important to compare the degree angle of the lens or reflector and the wattage of the light when trying to replace one light with another. Remember though, LED wattage and incandescent wattage is not the same, so be sure and use a cross reference guide. In most cases, 1500-watt sodium lights are replaced with 500-watt LED lights.

      The DockPro 16,000 and DockPro 26,000 are both “Flood Lights” and were designed to illuminate a wider area of water. They are the LED replacements for 750W and 1000W sodium fixtures. If anyone has questions about LED vs incandescent lights, please feel free to give us a call at 785-621-2646.

  3. This light is amazing! Plenty of glo.

    Image #1 from glen broadway
    Image #2 from glen broadway
    • We want to thank Glen for his recent purchase and great pictures of his new AlumiGlo DockPro 26,000. His pictures clearly show just how bright these lights are! Pictures tell a thousand words, so we are always excited to receive such great pictures! Thank you for your purchase and for taking the time to send us feedback and pictures!

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