Pier Lights
(60) White SMD5050 LEDs - 15-watts,
1.25 amps, 1,425 Lumens, 25' PowerCord
Illuminates a 3ft x 12ft area
(30) 3W LEDs - driven @ 50-watts, 4.1 amps, 4,750 Lumens,
6.5" x 4.5", 3.6 lbs , Replaceable Polycarbonate Lens
25' Power-cord, 50W LED Driver w/Battery Clips
Above Water or Below Water
Illuminates a 5ft x 30ft area
48"   4ft  Long     12VDC
(126) White SMD5050 LEDs - 30 watts,
2.5 amps, 2,850 Lumens, 25' PowerCord
Illuminates a 5ft x 20ft area
FlounderPro Light Rig
Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
FlounderPro 2600
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FlounderPro 1300 Setup
FlounderPro 1300 - 2 ft Flounder Light
24"  2ft Long     12VDC
Flounder Light Set Up
Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
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FlounderPro 2600 - 4 ft LED Light
I have built a really functional floundering light bar that I wanted to share with you.  
I love how they always stay just right in the water, no matter how much chop or how
much weight is on the front of the boat.  With them I can get into water as shallow as
6" and not drag, and as you can see they are completely out of the way of gigging.  
They are rugged too!
Phillip - Rosehill, NC
Flounder PVC Floating Rig - SIde
PVC Floating Rig - Front
Phillip's Mounted Flounder Lights!
Details & Pictures
Details & Pictures
PVC Floating Rig -Top
(3) FlounderPro 1300 Boat Mount
(2) FlounderPro 1300 Boat Mount
Lee Jernigan's Rig
James Ashcom's Quick Attachment
PVC Flounder LIght Attachment
PVC Flounder LIght Attachment 2
FlounderPro 2600 - Night
Brian Mauldin's Rig
FlounderPro 2600 Boat Mount
Cary Langley's Floating Rig using a FlounderPro 2600
(2) FlounderPro 1300 Boat Mount
Tom Dancause's Flounder Rig
PVC Pivot Brackets
Flounder Rig - Pivot Brackets
1.25" Schedule 40 PVC Arms
1/4" x 3" Bolts w/Lock Nuts
1 1/2" flat washers
5" x 1" x 5" "L" Brackets
David Boelte's  Flounder Rig
FlounderPro 1300 Boat Mount
Easily build your own rig using PVC and our FlounderPro
10W COB LED Light Heads
8 AH rechargeable battery
Will power the light for 5 hours
(Available at Cabela's)
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2 ft long
FlounderPro 1300
LED lights Save Energy
Customers Pics
White LED Light
White LED LIght
LED Crappie Lights
Established in 1981
Hatch Dickey's Rig
(2) FlounderPro 1300 -Side
(2) FlounderPro 1300 - Front
More Info on this Item
More Info on this Item
Underwater Fishing Lights & Dock Lights
Pier Lights
Patents Pending
FlounderPro 5000
New Item
White LED Light
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Great for Gigging, Bowfishing and Bullynetting
Aluminum Tough
Aluminum Tough
ALL Aluminum
No Glass or Plastic parts
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LED Flounder Lights
Flounder LIghts - LED
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Aluminum Tough
AlumiGlo LED Flounder Lights
Quality Lights -  Fisherman Can Afford!
ALL Aluminum
No Glass or Plastic parts
Pier Lights
Build you own Gigging Rig
10-watt COB Heads
10-Watt 6000/6500K
1250 Lumens per COB
0.83 amp
4 ft long
(1) 10W White COB LED Powerhead
0.83 amps,
1,250 Lumens, 13" Cord
Illuminates a 2ft x 20ft area per COB
PVC Not Included
Free Alumiglo Sticker
AlumiGlo Sticker.
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Joe Bob Outfitters
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Straight and 45 degree
1.25" PVC Mounting Adaptors

Multi-purpose Mounting Bracket
Above Water or
Below Water
FlounderPro 5000
FlounderPro 5000 Driver
FlounderPro 5000
Not Sold in Stores
You'll only find them here!
Courtesy of Jeff Carroll
More Pictures
Handheld Flounder Llight
Build Your Own
Handheld LED Gigging Light
Easy to make using our 10W LED COBs
COBs WILL thread into any standard
1.25" Sch 40 PVC fitting.
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Dwane Hahn's 5000 Rig
Courtesy of Dwane Hahn
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LED COB Flounder Lights
COB Flounder Light