We offer a FULL COVERAGE 1 Year Warranty on all LED Lights.

All LED lights comes with a FULL 1 YEAR Warranty.  If the light quits working within 1 Year after purchase, we will replace it FREE of
charge.  We will not only replace the light we will pay ALL shipping fee's associated with the replacement. If for some reason we want the
defective light returned to us, we will pay all for ALL shipping costs associated with the return (see guidelines below).

                                      We offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty on all Halogen Lights.

  We offer a Full 1 Year Limited Warranty on Halogen Lights. This warranty does not extend to Halogen Bulbs, or Glass Globes unless
they were damaged during shipping.

                                     Warranties applies to the Original Owner and Are Not Transferable
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Warranties are limited to the following guidelines:

 We Require Reasonable Proof of Purchase.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you retain your sales receipt or invoice.  If you
purchase the light directly from us, we will have record of the purchase.  However, if you purchase the light from a dealer you will need to
keep your receipt.
 This warranty does not cover lights that have been altered or damaged due to:  Abuse, Improper Use, Disassembly of Parts and/or
Attempted Repair by anyone other than an authorized employee of AlumiGlo Lighting.
  This warranty does not cover surface scratches or weathering as this is considered normal wear.
 This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is not transferable or assignable to subsequent purchasers.

To obtain replacement under the terms of this warranty, please email us at
sales@fishinglightsetc.com for further instructions.

To obtain repair information please
contact us at  785-621-2646.  

We strive to make Customer Service our Number One Priority.  

If you have a question or problem with your light, please
contact us so we can  resolve the problem to your satisfaction.  

Lights returned to Fishing Lights Etc. must include your name, address, and telephone number.  Please make sure the light is properly
packed.   AlumiGlo Lighting will not be responsible for any lights forwarded to us without prior authorization.
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