AlumiGlo Lighting along with most other U.S manufacturers have been hit hard by price increases and supply chain disruptions.

Raw Materials Shortages for PVC products ends production on some lights

The plastics manufacturing industry is facing an unprecedented resin and raw materials shortage not seen in decades. Since March 18th, 2021, PVC resin costs have increased by over 75%. This does not include other raw material additives involved in creating the finished PVC formulations, all which have gone up by unforeseen amounts.

Where We’ve Been, And Where We’re Headed

Unfortunately, the unavailability of and high cost of PVC pipe and fittings has forced us to stop production on lights which use large amounts of PVC pipe.  As some of you may have noticed, we stopped the production and sale of ALL Underwater Dock Lights which use PVC for the bases when the shortages began and have now been forced to stop production on the AlumiGlo FlounderPro 8550 boat mounted light, and the AlumiGlo FlounderPro 2000 handheld gigging light. These lights require long lengths of PVC which has increased in price significantly and is becoming harder to find.

While prices and availability on PVC pipe has been challenging, we can still get most of the components required to build the AlumiGlo DIY Kits which include everything except the long vertical shafts and handles on the lights. The AlumiGlo FlounderPro 8550 Light Kit and the AlumiGlo FlounderPro 2000 Light Kit are now available for those who want to build their own rigs using PVC purchased locally.

Unfortunately, due to price increases and labor costs, we will be forced to discontinue making PVC light kits in the near future. We will continue to produce the AlumiGlo FlounderPro 2850 (30W COB) and AlumiGlo Accessories for those who want to build your own custom gigging and bully-netting rigs,and will furnish diagrams that shows what PVC parts you will need to assemble your own PVC light rigs.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.  785-621-2646 


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