Unfortunately, the end of the incandescent bulb era is coming to an end.  We designed and patented our first underwater halogen light in 1981 and have sold millions of halogen lights over the years after teaming up with The Brinkmann Corporation in 1990.  The Starfire II and Magnum halogen lights have been the go to fishing and dock lights for many years now, but modern day technology has put an end to the incandescent bulb era and the new High Intensity LED has all but ended the incandescent and fluorescent bulb era.

Halogen lights were easy and inexpensive to build compared to the new all aluminum LED lights we now make, and while we have tried to continue making our halogen lights as long as possible, halogen bulb and socket manufacturers have stopped producing the old technology to make room for the new High Intensity LED’s which consume less power and can produce more overall lumen’s then the older incandescent bulbs.  The inability to find an ample supply of bulbs and parts has finally forced us to discontinue making halogen lights.

Parts and Lights Still Available

While we have discontinued selling the Magnum Dock Light on our website, parts and accessories for our halogen lights can be found on our Parts and Accessories page.   We also have a limited supply of Magnum Dock Lights in stock and available to purchase if you are still wanting one.  Since the lights are not available on our website you will have to place your order by phone by calling us at 785-621-2646.


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