Building your own custom made light rig is easy to do using schedule 40 PVC,  our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 2850 (30W COB) along with our many AlumiGlo Accessories.  You can build a multi-light, boat mounted rig like the picture above, or you can build your own version of our vertical mounted AlumiGlo FlounderPro 8550. Our lights and accessories give you the ability to build a custom Flounder Gigging, Bully-Netting or Fishing rig that will fit your particular boat. Each of our lights was designed to be mounted and used in different ways, so be sure and read each description and pick the light that best suits your needs.

AlumiGlo FlounderPro 2850 LED Flounder Gigging Light 6 AlumiGlo FlounderPro 5000 LED Flounder Gigging Light 2       AlumiGlo FlounderPro 3000 LED Flounder Gigging Light 1

Which AlumiGlo lights should I use?

Hands down, our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 2850 (30W COB) is our most popular light for gigging and bully-netting but the smaller AlumiGlo FlounderPro 1550 (15W COB)  also works great corner lighting and handheld lights.  These small compact lights produce more overall lumens for the money and can be easily mounted to fit any size or type of boat.  The COB LED lights utilizes a water tight anodized aluminum housing which simply screw into a 1.25” Schedule 40 female fitting.  Their small size allows them to be mounted and aimed in any direction using different PVC fittings. Having the ability to simply aim the small light at different angles allows you to illuminate the water from the left front corner to the right front corner of the boat while only using a few lights.  Since the light uses a single 15W or 30W COB LED, you don’t have to worry about solder joints vibrating loose and multiple LEDs going out over time. These lights are for below water use only!

    15W 30W COBs             15W 30W COB Back

If using your own power-cord, we recommend using 16-gauge wire when coupling (3) lights together and 14-gauge wire when wiring up to (6) lights together.  You should not wire more than (6) consecutive lights together using one power-cord.  Please call 785-621-2646 with questions.

Our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 3000 light is a 3 ft. long bar light which was has been popular for many years for illuminating the water in front of the boat.  The light is available with or without PVC mounting brackets which make it easy to attach the light to your custom made rig.  Bar lights are directional lights and are designed to illuminate everything in front of your boat. However, if you gig off the front sides of the boat, you will have to add additional lights to cover the front corners of the boat. This light is for below water use only.

alumiglo FlounderPro 3000 wBkts W


Our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 5000 light is a round flood light which can be used both above water or below water.  The light comes with a PVC mounting bracket which allows you to easily attach the light to your custom built rig for underwater applications as well as an aluminum mounting bracket used for above water applications.   Since the AlumiGlo FlounderPro 5000 can be mounted to your PVC rig using the included PVC bracket, the light can be positioned in any angle allowing you to focus the light just where you need it.

Flounder Lights FlounderPro 5000 W

How do I Mount the lights?

There are a lot of different ways to attach the PVC rig to your boat, but the two most popular ways is by vertically mounting multiple COBs using our adjustable AlumiGlo Aluminum Mounting Bracket, or by making a PVC claw hook which attaches to an existing cleat. Since cleats come in all sizes and shapes, you will have to make one to fit the cleat on your boat using a 1.25” PVC “T” like shown below. Both methods work well and will allow the rig to be easily removed from the boat, but the PVC cleat mount is a rigid mount and will not allow the lights to be rotated, raised or lowered.

Please Contact Us with any questions. We are here to assist you in rigging your boat with the perfect setup.

Accessories Aluminum Bracket 1
alumiglo pvc cleat mount






Boat mount

Watch the Video of this rig in action!

Building a Handheld Gigging Light?

If you want to save a couple dollars you can build own handheld gigging light using our AlumiGlo FlounderPro 2850 (30W COB) or the smaller AlumiGlo FlounderPro 1550 (15W COB) and your own PVC. We recommend using our waterproof cords with S4 connections to complete your rigs.  All parts can be found on our Parts and Accessories page.


Handheld Gigging Light Diagram


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