Please take a minute to compare all of our AlumiGlo lights in order to purchase the best light suited for your needs. With the comparison chart, we make it simple to compare important information such as lumens, watts, and run time for our 12VDC lights.

AlumiGlo Lights by Comparison

*Run Time is based using a standard Group 27 12VDC deep cycle battery rated at 100 amp hours.

For more information on Run Time, please click HERE.

ModelUse OnlyVoltage/WattageTypeAmpsLumensRun-Time*
SuperBrite 2500-X2Underwater12VDC, 54.5-watts*(192) SMD5730 LEDs*See BelowSee Below
SuperBrite 8000-X2Underwater12VDC, 110-watts*(432) SMD5730 LEDs*See BelowSee Below
SuperBrite 9000-X2Underwater12VDC, 124-watts*(864) SMD5730 LEDs*See BelowSee Below
SuperBrite 4800-CUnderwater12VDC, 50-watts*(192) SMD5730 LEDs4.14,80024.3
DockPro 3500Above Water120VAC, 44-watts(44) 1-Watt LEDs0.43,500N/A
DockPro 5000Underwater120VAC, 50-watts(1) 50W COB LED0.425,000N/A
DockPro 12000Underwater120VAC, 108-watts(36) 3W SMD3535 LEDs0.911,800N/A
DockPro 16000Above Water120VAC, 150-watts(330) SMD5730 LEDs1.2516,203N/A
FlounderPro 3000Underwater12VDC, 30-watts(90) SMD3030 LEDs2.52,85040
FlounderPro 2000Underwater12VDC, 30-watts30 Watt COB LED2.52,850See Runtime
FlounderPro 8550Underwater12VDC, 90-watts(3) 30-Watt COB LEDs7.58,55013
FlounderPro 1550Underwater12VDC, 15-watts15-Watt COB LED1.251,55080
FlounderPro 2850Underwater12VDC, 30-watts30-Watt COB LED2.52,85040
GTX-16000-ACAbove Water120VAC, 150-watts(330) SMD5730 LEDs1.2510,394N/A


SuperBrite 2500 X-2

ColorLumensWattageAmpsRun Time
Green Light111027.92.340
White Light130226.52.147
Green+White Combined241254.54.422

SuperBrite 8000 X-2

ColorLumensWattageAmpsRun Time
Green Light3834655.218.5
White Light407245.33.727
Green+White Combined7907110.39.111

SuperBrite 9000 X-2

ColorLumensWattageAmpsRun Time
Green Light390961.75.119.6
White Light508362.35.119.6
Green+White Combined899212410.279.7



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