Water Safe
Low Voltage Operation

HID, Mercury Vapor and Metal Halide lights use 120VAC in the water which can be
deadly to you or a loved one's if the power-cord is cut or damaged or if the light
malfunctions in any way.  While GFCI outlets do offer a limited amount of protection,
the outlets themselves are prone to malfunction when used in outdoor environments.

We've all been told Mixing Electricity with Water cannot only be deadly, but it's
something you just never do.  But, prior to the development of High Intensity LEDs,
the only way to make a light bright enough for underwater use was to use
Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide or HID bulbs
powered by 120VAC.

Fortunately, with the advent of High Intensity LEDs, underwater lights no longer have
to be made using High Voltage Lamps.

High Intensity LEDs produce
More Lumen's Per Watt, are Less Expensive to Operate
and are
Safe To Operate in the Water.

Before you purchase your next underwater light, remember,
AC Voltage in Water is a Tragedy Waiting to Happen.

Our DockPro 10000 is a Water Safe, Low Voltage Underwater light that is not only
bright, but also Safe in the water.
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