Pier Lights
Pier Lights
GE Digital Timer
With built in Photocell
Price $22.00
Photocell Timer
You May Be Intered In
Water Safe
Low Voltage Operation

• The DockPro 10,000 uses a
Water Safe 36VDC to power the
High Intensity Light Heads.  

• High Intensity LEDs produce more
lumens per watt, are less expensive
to operate and are
Safe to Operate in the Water.
LED Alternative to HID, Mercury
Vapor, Metal Halide Lights

• Hardened Glass Lens is
smoother than polycarbonate and
plastic which makes it difficult for
algae and barnacles to attach to it.

• Heat Generated from our High
Intensity LEDs heat the glass lens
which also helps prevent algae
and barnacle build up.
• (2) 50W High Intensity GREEN COBs
LED Light Heads Easily Replaced
•  10,000 Lumens of Light
 Rotatable Light Heads
•  120V, 100W Meanwell LED Driver
 50' Heavy-Duty power-cord
•  Safe Low Voltage Operation
Driver Input - 120VAC
•  Driver Output: 36VDC
No Added Weight Required
•  Freshwater or Saltwater use
Great for Dock, Piers, Ponds
•  Underwater Use Only
Rotatable Light
Sits On Bottom and Shines Up.
Pier Lights
DockPro 10,000
Great for Docks - Slips - Piers - Ponds
Recommended Depth 20' or Less  
Under Water Use Only
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Plugs into 120VAC but the LED driver converts the voltage to a water safe 36VDC.
Notice: This light uses high intensity LEDs and Must Be Submerged In Water during use.
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DockPro 10,000
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Pier Lights
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DockPro 10,000