Does Color Matter?
While Green Light has become very popular in recent years, fisherman caught
millions of fish using
White Light for many years before Green Light was
available.  Not only have I caught thousands of fish using
White Light in my
lifetime, but we have tested both
White Light and Green Light and have found
both colors not only attract fish but there are times when one color is better than
the other.  If the bait fish aren't gathering with the cololr you are using, you may
want to think about changing to
White Light. Much like you would change colors of
lures if the fishing was slow, the color of light you use is no different.
So Which Color of Light is the Best Color to use?  Which color of light to
use can vary on a nightly basis, so if you're not attracting a good number of
The key to attracting any species of game fish is attracting the bait-fish.  Once
the bait-fish come to the light, the game fish will be close behind.  We
recommend trying both
White Light and Green Light to see which light attracts
the most bait-fish.  If you are using one of our new
SuperBrite -X2 lights you can
use both colors at the same time which may also work better in some conditions.  

Experiment with different colors of light just as you would change colors of fishing
lures.  Conditions and water clarity change on a daily basis, and in order to catch
fish consistently you have to be able to change your light and lures to match
those conditions.  
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