Caution:  Gloves and eye protection should be worn when replacing the globe and
halogen bulb.

Step 1:  Remove the green End Cap by sliding it up and off of the Polycarbonate
Tube Guard.  Then slide the End Cap up and onto the power cord, where it will be
out of the way.

Step 2: Slide the Quartz Tube out of the Tube Guard.

Step 3:  First grasp the quartz globe with one hand. Then grasp the top of the
rubber stopper as close to the top of the light as possible, with the other hand, and  
then you pull the stopper from the tube.

Step 4:  Still wearing gloves remove the old halogen bulb from the ceramic socket(s)
and replace it with the new halogen bulb.  
NOTICE: Always wear gloves or use a
clean cloth when touching halogen bulbs.  The oils from your  skin will greatly reduce
the life expectancy of the bulb.  You can order new  100-watt replacement bulbs from
Fishing Lights Etc., or you can use any bi-pin  12VDC halogen bulb rated from 10
watts to 100 watts.  If using the 120VAC lights, any  bi-pin halogen bulb rated from
10 watts to 150 watts.

Step 5:  Slide the light assembly back into the Quartz Tube.  Then press the rubber
stopper into the tube until it fits snugly.  Be careful not to press the stopper too far
into the tube, or it may break the tube. A good seal is all that is required.

Step 6:  Slide the Quartz Tube back into the Polycarbonate Tube Guard.

Step 7:  Slide the green End Cap over the end of the Polycarbonate Tube Guard.

Note:  To prevent water leakage into the light, occasionally check to make sure the
tube stopper has not worked itself  loose.  
Replacing the bulbs in the AquaStar and Magnum lights can be
done in a couple minutes by you because there is no
caulking or water proof sealing material to deal with.  

Simply pull out the bulb assembly, replace the bulb, and slide it
back in.  Our patented design is completely water proof.
Halogen Bulbs and Inner Globes
are replaced quickly and easily!
Tube Guards protect the light from breaking, and allow
you to quickly change the color of the light.
Bulbs Burning Out
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Halogen Bulb/Globe
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