600,000 candle power
12-Volts, 100w, 1900 Lumens
600,000 Candle-Power, 1900 lumen's.

Utilizes (1) 2000 hr., 100-watt Halogen Bulb.

Polycarbonate Tube Guards
help protect the light from
easily being broken and allows you to change colors.

Replaceable Halogen Bulb and Inner Quartz Globe .

12VDC, 100-watt operation.

Accepts 10-watt  to 100-watt halogen bulbs.

Freshwater or Saltwater use.

15'  Heavy-Duty Power-Cord with battery clips.

Light is 7.5" long

Internally Weighted  (no weight required).
Fish Are Attracted to Fishing Lights Etc Underwater Lights
Great for
Speckled Trout, Walleye,
Smelt, Tuna, White Bass,  
Lobster, Red Fish, Lady
Fish, Snook, Squid & more!
Notice: These lights use halogen bulbs which burn hot. They must be submerged in water during use.
White - Green
More Pictures
Comes with
GREEN and WHITE Filters
AquaStar  COMBO II
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FREE Spare Globe  w/purchase of 2 or more lights! $6 Value
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
AlumiGlo LED Lighting Products
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600,000 C. P.
Lights up a 10' radius of water!
12-Volts, 100w, 1900 Lumens

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AquaStar Combo II
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